Buying a Pomsky Puppy

  In purchasing a puppy from us you are not just buying a puppy! You become a part of the development of this amazing new hybrid. Your feed back is very important to us. From birth to adulthood we closely monitor every puppy we produce. We check for health and temperament issues and look for consistencies. This Information helps us to improve with every litter and helps us to better inform future Pomsky owners. We can't do it without your help. We also develop loving attachments to each and every puppy that passes through our home. Homes that will keep in touch are always greatly preferred.  

Our Promise to you

Every puppy we sell is backed up by our 2 year health guarantee.  If there is anything genetically wrong with your puppy we will replace it. We also offer a 3 day health guarantee to help protect you against contagious disease.  Every puppy will be up to date on vaccinations prior to going home and properly dewormed. Your puppy will also receive a health certificate stating that the puppy is in perfect health! Whether flying or driving home, your puppy will also come with an airline approved crate. 


Our puppies are priced between $2,000-$5,000. We do require a $500 deposit in order to reserve a specific puppy or to be placed on a waiting list and full payment at 6 weeks of age to allow for arrangements to be made unless you are picking up in person. Please keep in mind this does not include shipping.  Your deposit will count towards the purchase of your puppy and hold your place on our waiting list. All deposits are non-refundable unless the puppies becomes ill or no longer available but are transferable to another available puppy.


  • We prefer to meet in person when you come to pick up your puppy but we also understand that is not always an option.
  • Both United States and Canadian residents can fly out and fly back with puppy under seat. I'm more than happy to meet you with your puppy in an airline approved carrier for under the seat at Phoenix Sky Harbor Int. in Arizona. Puppies usually do well with this as its easy for the new owner to comfort them. Contact your preferred airline for ticket prices and fees.
  • We no longer offer shipping via cargo with any of the airlines.
  • Door to door shipping is available anywhere within the US for $300. I have a well trusted guy I've used for several years. He's really great with the puppies and often brings his wife along who REALLY loves our puppies so the puppies have a lap to sit on and someone to snuggle and play with on long trips.  

Waiting list

Typically I take deposits on specific puppies as they become available. However, sometimes I will open a waiting list before it is too early to tell if a puppy has blue eyes or a long coat or before they are even born. I do ask for your preferences and try to accommodate as best as we can however, there are no fixed traits that can be guaranteed with this hybrid. Most of it is up to nature. Your deposit does not guarantee that you will get the size, eye color or markings that you are most interested in. Your deposit is simply to secure your place on our list and guarantees you will get a chance to choose a puppy from one of our litters in the order the deposit was placed. If you do not see anything you like in our up coming litter you may pass and wait to see what the next litter brings.  You may pass on as many litters as you like. We keep a relatively short waiting list of no more than we can reasonably fill. We always reserve the right to keep 1st pick from any litter. See puppy page for more details on litters.

Buyer Responsibility

It is your responsibility to learn everything you can about dogs before bringing one home if this is your first puppy. I offer a life time of support for all of my puppies and I'm always happy to help but I do get a lot of basic questions that can easily be answered on google search.

When transporting your puppy long distance you should offer food and water every hour. If your puppy was shipped to you be sure to offer fresh food and water immediately. Be prepared with paper towels and baby wipes to clean puppy and the crate in case he had an accident.

DO NOT let your puppy touch the ground or table tops in public areas (airports,parks,pet stores,vets office, rest stops ect) !!! While your puppy will be vaccinated prior to going home he will not be fully protected until he completes a series of vaccines at 16 weeks of age. Until then assume that parvo is lurking in all these areas. I strongly stress this for your own sake as well as the puppies. There is nothing more heart breaking than to watch a young puppy slip away. Parvo has a very low survival rate without round the clock vet care which can cost thousands and still wont guarantee survival.

In addition to following a vaccine scheduled you will also need to follow a deworming scheduled. This one often get over looked because people assume they simply don't have parasites and that if I dewormed the puppy then there is nothing to worry about. Right ? ? ?

Wrong! Almost every puppy is going to be born with some parasites. In fact if you have pets, children, love sushi, eat pork, ever ate under cooked meat, raw veggies or have ever walked bare foot in moist dirt its very likely you've picked up some of these lovely guest yourself. My dogs don't live in sterile concrete cubicles with a drain. They're dogs and they love to dig in the dirt, pay in the mud and roll in elk, horse and cow droppings. They drink creek water and lord help me if we come up on a carcass of some kind while hiking. I wouldn't have them any other way. That being said I regularly deworm my dog at least 4 times per year. Maybe more if they find somethings especially gross. Young puppies need to be wormed every 2-4 weeks. Consult your vet for recommendations based on your area.

I feed Victors brand dog food. Its a grain free food and I find they transition pretty easily to other grain free puppy foods. I always send enough to blend into your preferred food but always recommend a dry grain free puppy food for the first year unless you really did your homework and plan on preparing your own meals then that's even better!

One final note; Please make sure you and your family are not allergic to dogs. Go to a pet store or shelter and play with a few breeds if you have to. We have had this happen a couple times now and its  just a lot of hassle for the family as well as the puppy during a time that is critical for bonding and socializing.