A Pomsky is a hybrid between a Husky and a Pomeranian. They exhibit traits from both breeds.If you have ever owned one or the other or maybe even both Huskies and Pomeranians you will find it fascinating to see these traits in your Pomsky. They can have any combination of these traits. We find our Pomskies to be very smart agile little dogs. They are problem solvers much like the Husky. They do seem to make better watch dogs than huskies and are very affectionate like the Pomeranian. Also like the Pomeranian our Pomskies tends to be very focused on us its owners and enjoys love and praise. However unlike my Pomeranians our Pomskies do like to go off and find there own space after some snuggle time. Most Pomskies will howl/talk the way that huskies do but not as much. They also love to run and require daily walks or a nice round of fetch in the back yard. 1st generation Pomskies are all averaging 15-20 lbs fully grown and come in a rainbow of colors. Other generations will vary a bit more for now as we play with different content and combinations. I will have more size info on specific litters. Please know a Pomsky is NOT a Pomeranian sized husky. You will not find a 5lb Pomsky. Be cautious of people claiming this is a toy breed.  They can have blue eyes or brown eyes or can be bi-eyed (two different colors).

   Full Grown Pomskies

Please note: These are true Pomsky Hybrids and that they look very little like what you may have seen on image searches. These are the result of 2 quality AKC registered purebred dogs being crossed.  These photos are meant to show examples of actual Pomskies to educate the public. These were the first true pomskies produced using 2 quality AKC dogs. We worked very closely with Apex Pomskies along with an outside kennel in producing these puppies.  Not all of the dogs on this page belong to Arctic Design Pomkskies but are examples of potential build and coat colors we are likely to produce. Our Proto is from this litter she is the black and white one. Our goal is to specialize in Black and White and more husky markings. We will also produce longer coats and thicker builds than this first litter.

For more photos and info please see: pomskyclubofamerica.org

What's The difference?


Weight: 30-60 lbs
Height: 20-23.5 in

Energy level:                     ★★★   Exercise requirements:★★★★
Playfulness:                    ★★★★
Affection level:               ★★★★
Friendly to dogs:               ★★★
Friendly to other pets:      ★★★
Friendly to strangers:★★★★★
Ease of training:                        ★
Watch dog ability:              ★★★
Protection ability:                    ★
Grooming requirements:★★★
Cold tolerance:           ★★★★★
Heat Tolerance:                         ★


Weight:  10-25 lbs
Height: 10-15 in

Energy level:     ★★★★           Exercise requirements:★
Playfulness:       ★★★★
Affection level:  ★★★★
Friendly to dogs:  ★★★
Friendly to other pets:★★★
Friendly to strangers:★★★
Ease of training: ★★★
Watch dog ability:★★★★
Protection ability:★
Grooming requirements: ★★
Cold tolerance: ★★★
Heat Tolerance:★★★                     


3-5 lbs
Height: 8-11 in

Energy level:                 ★★★★  Exercise requirements:           ★
Playfulness:                  ★★★★
Affection level:                        ★
Friendly to other dogs:           ★
Friendly to other pets:     ★★★
Friendly to strangers:            ★
Ease of training:                     ★
Watch dog ability:    ★★★★★
Protection ability:                  ★
Grooming requirements:  ★★★
Cold tolerance:                 ★★★
Heat Tolerance:                ★★★