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Born:  March 10th

1st Generation - 50/50 Pomskies

Puppies will be ready @ 8 weeks old, May 5th

No waiting list! Puppies are all priced below. Non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required to place a specific puppy on hold and shows intent to purchase. PayPal preferred or cash in person for fastest most secure way to pay. I will also consider a bank transfer. Follow us on Facebook for updates or fill out a questionnaire if you are interested in this litter. Im looking over questionnaires this week and will be interviewing and taking deposits. Please take time to read over our entire page before filling out a questionnaire. I will have more puppies available very soon with 75% husky content so if that interests you then just put 75% husky in the puppy description.

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This fun loving girl is one of our smaller pups from this litter. She has a medium blaze and appears she will have at least one blue eye. She will likely have a husky coat texture and length. Keep in mind the cheeks brows and ear points will all continue to lighten as she grows. I expect her to be mid range between 15 and 25lbs.

Cici, Girl - Available $3,000

This girl is the smallest little bit in this litter. She has a very short little face, nice round head and small pom like features. She has a finer coat quality that takes after the Pomeranian as well. The length will be more husky like.  Her coloring is a black version of her moms but I expect her to have a lot more shine. Her chin,brows and ear points will also lighten up as she gets older and will be white or light cream as an adult. I expect her to be on the smaller end between 15 and 25lbs with a slight chance she could be less than 15lbs.

Little Bear, Boy - Available 2,800

This little guy is SUCH a love bug! He has a very sweet personality that will need some positive encouragement when new challenges come up. He is the most submissive in his litter and will require a gentile trainer who considers his emotional needs. He will need lots of socialization and exposure to new things early on so he can develop in to a confident adult. He has a nice thick bone structure and a nice thick coat. We think he looks just like a little bear. He's very talkative with his little growls and groans and will probably be the kind of dog who tells you when it's time to get up in the morning or go for a walk once he knows his routine. Don't be shocked if one day he returns all that attention with "I wuve woo"!  I really want him to go to a confident individual(s) who can show him how to be assertive in a way that is balanced. I expect him to be on the higher end between 15 and 25lbs.

Ash,Boy - Available $3,000

This flashy guy is all boy! Very out going and loves to play! He looks a lot bigger than Bear but it's mostly fluff! He has a very wooly coat on him that will require a little more care throughout the year. He would be my alpha in this litter and will need someone who is more alpha than him. That means showing consistency when you ask him to do something and taking the lead on walks. He will greatly enjoy an active lifestyle and will always be game for the next big adventure. He will be a nice sturdy all terrain dog that is also small enough for sharing the RV or tent. He too will turn more white as he gets older. I expect him to be on the higher end between 15 and 25lbs.

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