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Available puppies will be priced below. Non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required to place a specific puppy on hold. Full payment is required before any shipping arrangements can be made. Shipping is an additional $350 and is available only in the US. PayPal preferred or cash in person for fastest most secure ways to pay. Follow us on Facebook for updates or fill out a questionnaire if you are interested in updates on any of the puppies on this page. You can also email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Or contact me directly during daytime hours either text or call 480-559-7317 

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Cricket X Ace

F1 Pomsky  x  AKC Pomeranian  

Born: 3-30-17 
25% Husky / 75% Pomeranian
1 Boy left
Ready to go home

Our tiniest Pomskies yet! Mom is just 10 lbs and Dad is only 4lbs. These guys are charting to be around 5-10lbs full grown! They will be the perfect size to travel and carry around. Finally a pomsky you can fit in your purse! These guys are so sweet and so snuggly and just so incredibly tiny! Either would also be a great addition to a small breeding program.  They have a full brother that has perfect husky markings and blue eyes that we decided to hold back for a future stud. More photos available upon request!

  1. Gucci - Male - $1,500 -   
  2. 50% OFF!  /  $3000

 Adult size: 8-l0lbs
Eye color: 2 brown eyes

Suka x Rocky

ACK Siberian Husky x AKC Pomeranian

Born: 4-10-17 
50% Husky / 50% Pomeranian
3 Boys & 1 Girl
Ready to go home

Suka is a very sweet and funny girl! She aspires to be a tiny lap dog and doesn't let her size get in the way of that. She loves her squeaky toys and plush toys. She is very playful and great with kids of any age. Her luxuriously plush coat makes her a real life teddy bear that's hard to resist. She is a huge cuddle bug any chance she can get. Rocky is a very good boy. He knows the rules and expects everyone should follow them. He loves policing the other dogs but when he is "off duty" he enjoys pig ears and beef bones while sitting next to mommy on the couch. This boy lives for approval and praise!

These puppies will be well rounded! They are all cute,loving, smart and should be very easy to train.

  1. Wolf Man - Male - $3,500   (EXTRA WOOLY)

Adult size: 15-20lbs
Eye color: 2 blue eyes

Tiny - Male - $3,500  (wooly)

Adult size: 15-20lbs
Eye color: 2 blue eyes

Sasha - Female - $3,000 (wooly)

Adult size: 12-18lbs
Eye color: 2 blue eyes

Little Bear - Male - $2,000  (wooly)

Adult size: 15-20lbs
Eye color: 2 brown eyes

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