Manchu X Proto     Born 3-11-2014

New Photos !

All the puppies have bright blue eyes!
  Our lovely girl Proto (1st gen Pomsky) gave us 5 beautiful puppies! 3 Boys will be available from this litter! We are likely hanging on to the 2 girls for potential breeding/pets. These puppies are higher in husky content so they will be a bit larger than our 1st gens but are still considered 2nd gens.They are 75% husky and 25% Pomeranian. I expect them to be about the size of a standard American Eskimo Dog. They should weigh 20-30lbs.  We are only looking to place these three boys at this time and are not opening any waiting lists yet for future litters. Deposit will be $500 to reserve a puppy from this litter. Prices for available puppies are listed below. Shipping will be an additional $350 for those who need it with in the US. If you are interested in one of these boys feel free to email me at and please put the name of the puppy you are most interested in on the subject line.

Panda - Male - Available - $3,300

This adorable little boy has amazing husky markings! His color will lighten up a little but he should keep his black mask.

Coco - Male - Available - $2,700

This little drop of sweetness melts right in your hand. He is chocolate and tan though his tan points should continue to lighten up a bit lending to a more husky look. He also has 2 bright blue eyes!

Mama's Boy - Male - Available - $2,600

This little boy looks just like his mommy when she was a puppy.  Jet black with a nice white blaze. He has some tan points showing now and will have black and tan markings similar to his mom. They will become more pronounced as he grows.  He also has 2 bright blue eyes!

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