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Puppies are all priced below. Non-refundable deposit of $500 will be required to place a specific puppy on hold and shows intent to purchase. PayPal preferred or cash in person for fastest most secure way to pay. Follow us on Facebook for updates or fill out a questionnaire if you are interested in any of the puppies on this page. You can also email me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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Noya X Rocky

Born March 10th

1st Generation - 50/50 Pomskies

Puppies are ready to go now!

Little Bear, Boy - Available - $1,800

This little guy is SUCH a love bug! He has a very sweet personality. He is the most submissive in his litter and will require a gentile trainer who considers his emotional needs. He has a nice thick bone structure and a nice double thick husky like coat. We think he looks just like a little bear. He's very talkative with his little growls and groans and will probably be the kind of dog who tells you when it's time to get up in the morning or go for a walk once he knows his routine. Don't be shocked if one day he returns all that attention with "I wuve woo"!  I expect him to be on the higher end between 15 and 25lbs.

Proto X Manchu

Born March 17th

2nd Generation - 25/75 Pomskies

Puppies are ready to go now!

Wilbur, Boy - Available - $1,800

Wilbur is a very sweet loving boy who lives to be loved. He look all husky but acts very pommy. This little guy ( smallest in his litter) has decided he will be a lap dog. I dont expect Willbur to get any bigger than 20lbs. Hes very vocal and howls just like a husky! He would do best with someone who is home alot and with other dogs to bond with.

Junior, Boy - ON HOLD - $1,500

I absolutely love Junior! He is a very mellow guy. Even tempered and just wants to please. Hes too easy, a nice pat on the head and he's content as can be. Hes pretty quiet but I have heard him howl a few times. He should max out at around 25-35lbs. He will be great with other pets and kids. A great family dog in the making!

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