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We are located in the cool pines of northern Arizona. Driven by a love for working with dogs and a life long interest in animal husbandry I have been very blessed to combine both my passions into one purpose. I have been a proud member of the Pomsky Club of America since it's infancy 2 years ago. We believe in purposeful breeding. Every litter MUST be well thought out in advance. And every dog deserves to be treated with love and respect. We are held to the highest standards of the Pomsky Club of America and adhere strictly to the PCA's Code for ethical breeding. We work closely with the PCA and it's founder, Tressa Peterson (Apex Pomskies) in the research and development of this hybrid. Each and every puppy we help usher into this world will be treated with love and respect from the moment they are born.

Not every puppy can be kept here with us to help further the breed so it is my responsibility to match each puppy with the right person/s that will provide a life time of love and respect. We are a small,family owned hobby breeder.  We never own more than 4 adult female dogs at one time. All of our dogs are close members of our family and spoiled daily. All our puppies are raised in our home under foot and will be lavished with love prior to finding new homes. We do start training early here and your puppy will have a basic understanding of good house manners before leaving. I use a range of temperament test to determine the best selection to both further the breed and match puppies with prospective families.  You should expect good dialogue with what ever breeder you choose and lots of questions on both sides.
Here at Arctic Designs our primary focus is on health and temperament, the rest just kinda comes naturally. Our club devoted years of research into finding the safest way to produce this hybrid and to produce dogs that are healthy and a pleasure to live with. With each litter we strive to raise the bar for what a pomsky should be. We hope to help shape what will one day be a recognized breed. So please come in and look around. I think you will find answers to many of your questions.

-Joline Phillips

Joline Phillips
PCA Co-founder

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