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My name is Joline Phillips. I have a small home based kennel where our main focus is the care and quality of our animals. In my 10 years of working with dogs I have had the pleasure of working with a few different breeds and have equally enjoyed working with some wonderful rescue dogs as well.  Ive picked up some great mentors along the way and acquired a great deal of information relating to several different topics relating to dogs health, training,showing and breeding.

On March 5th 2012 we sired the first litter of Pomskies in the US and have been in love ever since! Since then we have learned a lot about pomskies and have watched our lines develop into something far more remarkable than we had ever dreamed!

We don't expect that the Pomsky will ever become a recognized breed with any major breed club. But they sure are cute! At this time we have decided to focus on showing our purebred Pomeranians and Huskies with AKC but eventually will also be working with our Pomskies in the All Breed Agility events for fun. I suspect they will do well in this despite being the under dog. We will continue to breed Pomeranians and Pomskies but we only have a few litters per year.

-Joline Phillips
Joline Phillips
PCA Co-founder

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