My name is Joline Phillips. I have a small in-home breeding program where our main focus is the care and quality of our dogs. We do things on a small scale here allowing us to focus on quality over quantity. In my 12 years of working with dogs I have had the pleasure of working with a few different breeds and have equally enjoyed working with some wonderful rescue dogs as well.  I've picked up some great mentors and friends along the way and have acquired a great deal of information relating to several different topics relating to canine health, training, showing and animal husbandry. I take pride in standing behind my dogs 100% and provide a life time of support to our extended pomsky family. 

On March 5th, 2012 we sired the first intentional litter of pomskies ever born here in the US and have been in love ever since! Since then we have learned a lot about pomskies and have watched our lines develop into something far more remarkable than we had ever dreamed! Its been very exciting to watch this breed take off and the feed back we get is just amazing and full of love! I deeply love my involvement with this breed and feel good about bringing people and families so much joy! I delight in meeting the new owners and sharing in their excitement and watching as the puppies grow up to be beloved members of their family.

At this time I am working with a small network of small scale breeders I feel share similar values and have not yet found a breed club other than AKC that I am comfortable working with. I have decided to focus on showing our purebred Pomeranians with AKC as I have some very nice ones from the best lines I can find but eventually will also be working with our Pomskies in the All Breed Agility events for fun and to gain exposure. I suspect they will do very well in this as they are very smart and agile dogs with a strong drive to please. I will continue to produce pomskies but only expect to have puppies 1-2 times per year at most. Forgive me as I spend a good deal of my time working with my dogs between litters and don't spend much time on-line unless I'm placing puppies with new homes.

-Joline Phillips

The real faces of Arctic Designs.

The Next Generation

Joline Phillips
Arctic Designs CEO
Ethical Pomsky breeder

[email protected]

White Mountains - Arizona

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